Entry #1

New on newgrounds!

2014-01-24 06:08:20 by SamiraEos

Well, yes! I'm here, completly new and I have no idea what should I do right now.  This site looks amazing, that's for sure.  I just wanted to say hello to everyone who happen' to pass through my page, aye!


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2014-01-24 06:57:26

nice art works u got there

SamiraEos responds:

Thank you very much!


2014-01-24 08:49:11

Oh hey, please enjoy your stay and don't forget to vote everything you see.

SamiraEos responds:

Thanks, I'll remember :D


2014-01-24 17:13:57

Welcome to Newgrounds!


2014-01-24 20:24:13

Welcome to newgrounds ,if you don't try to piss people off this place can be very fun, watch out for thespammer and other crazies, good day and good luck.

SamiraEos responds:

I'll be good xd

Crazies? It sounds interesting....